Thursday, September 06, 2007

.....and her head did not explode!

The memorial service at the nursing home was this morning. The activities director (the anti- women minister gal) greeted my colleague and me when we arrived. Well, I should say, she nodded at me and directed all of her comments to the male chaplain. I didn't look at her during the service, so I don't know what her reaction was to my leading the majority of the service.

The service itself went very well and the family was very appreciative. The male chaplain played the guitar while leading the hymn singing. Since I don't play the guitar, I was grateful that he was there to lead that part. I could have done without him giving what amounted to another homily right after I had given mine, but whatever.

Right before we left, I saw him give the activities director his card and heard him say to her, "I'd be glad to come out and do a music program sometime." You know, I might just say to my supervisor that this guy should just be assigned to this facility.

Did I just have a massage on Sunday? Time for another one.


more cows than people said...

yes, dear. you've earned another massage. another homily? the passing of the business card? grrr... crappy collegial behavior. yes, ask that he be assigned. you don't need to deal with that woman. unless you're a saint and you want to witness and potentially be a part of changing her heart. if so... i'll cheer you on. And weekly massage is required.

Di said...

Good grief, Iris. This guy is obnoxious. (Like you needed something else to make you not want to do this job...)

Rev Kim said...

Argh! What is this guy's problem? Another homily and passing along his business card? I agree - you should ask that he be reassigned. I'd say a sit-down is in order with both of you and your supervisor where you discuss professional ethics and boundaries, but maybe that's just me.

Yes, you absolutely deserve another massage!

Rev SS said...

You gotta wonder how so many "professionals" got so unprofessional! I agree that it would be a good thing to reassign him ... and another massage for you is definitely in order!

Grace thing said...

growl. That makes me grumpy. You definitely deserve another massage!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Man oh man! I agree with Rev. Kim.