Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Five: Perks of Ministry

Hello, blogosphere! I've decided to play today's RevGal Friday Five. Kathrynzj invites us to ponder the perks of being in ministry, of which there are many.

1. In my setting, I don't have to ask permission to leave the office to take my kids to the dentist or to go see a program at their school. In the brief time I was a hospice chaplain, I hated having to fill out the personal time off form at least a week in advance and then waiting to see if I got approval. I like being more or less the boss of my own schedule.

2. As a PC(USA) pastor, I am blessed with ample vacation and study leave. Not to mention our other benefits. I am truly grateful.

3. The food..though I wish there were less of it!

4. I get paid to read books.

5. I am invited into the most sacred moments of peoples' lives. Nothing better than that.

Thanks, Kathrynzj. It's been nice on this snowy day to think about the blessings, big and small, of being a pastor.