Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Five: PJ's

Sophia at RevGals writes: As the weather cools off into a lovely fall, my son and daughter are rediscovering their joy in cozy footed "pajammies"--though not to sleep in. They love to hang out in the pjs before bed or in the morning, but when it's time to actually sleep they strip to their skivvies! Good thing they finally have their own rooms, now that they are getting older.

Without going to TMI land, share with us your sleepwear memories and preferences....

1. What was your favorite sleeping attire as a child? And did you call them pjs, pajamas (to rhyme with llamas), pajamas (to sort of rhyme with bananas), jammies, or ???
I liked any nightgown that made me feel pretty!

2. Favorite sleepwear put on your own little ones, or perhaps those you babysat? (Bonus points if you made it).
I loved those cute little sleep sacks when they were just a few months old in the winter.

3. How about today-do you prefer nightgown, pajamas, undies, or au naturel?
When in my own bed at home, I prefer a simple cotton nightgown.

4. Silky smooth or flannel-y cozy?
neither, really...if it's too silky, I feel cold and usually flannel makes me sweat.

5. Socks or bare feet?
Definitely bare feet.

Bonus: Funny story regarding sleepwear (or the lack thereof).
My mom used to love to buy my younger sister and I matching nightgowns or pj's to open on Christmas Eve. This was charming when we were both pretty little, but became kind of embarrassing as I entered into my teenage years. For instance, when I was 13 years old and my sister was 6 years old, we received Rainbow Brite nightgowns.

You know this obnoxious, stupid character from the 1980's...

Well, about three weeks after Christmas, our house caught fire and we had to run out of our house early in the morning for our safety. What had I put on to sleep in the night before? Yep, that frickin' Rainbow Brite nightgown! Even worse, I had to wear it over to my friend's house because I needed to borrow some clothes because all of mine were now torched. Yes, all of my clothes were torched...except for that damn Rainbow Brite nightgown! Funny how I can still feel my consternation and mortification very, very keenly 24 years later!