Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Seven Things

SingingOwl has tagged me for this here meme.

So, here are "Seven Things You Really Didn't Want To Know About Me and Because Of That You Never Thought To Ask"

1. I moved over 20 times before I was 10 years old. My Dad was neither a pastor nor in the military, just a restless soul.

2. I am addicted to TV show, Heroes. Before this show came on, I never felt the need to read the online forums like Television Without Pity. Now, I read the online "graphic novel" (comic book to me) and read the forums about theories about how the season will end. Will Peter explode and destroy New York? Will Sylar kill Nathan and become President? Will the indestructible cheerleader ever have a bad hair day? Yeah, I'm a freak!

3. No one over the age of 18 months is allowed to touch me with their feet. This includes my husband and children who all have rather nasty feet. After 18 months, a child's feet have been walked on long enough to have lost their cute, soft, "babiness" and have turned into sweaty, smelly, "Bam-Bam" feet. Yuck.

4. Before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and began using a C-Pap machine at night, I would wake up in the middle of almost every night sitting up in bed with my legs crossed, my pillow in my lap and my head resting on my pillow. This was from the time I was child and everyone just thought I was strange or doing it on purpose. The reality was that I would stop breathing when I was lying down and I sat up in order to breathe.

5. Right after my daughter was delivered via emergency c-section, my doctor showed my husband my uterine fibroids before he sewed me up. It's strange to know that my husband has literally seen inside me.

6. Dick Cheney spoke at my high school graduation. You see, I graduated from Dick and Lynn's alma mater. It was 1990 and he had just become Secretary of Defense, so Secret Service was everywhere, which completely sucked! I don't remember a word that Cheney said.

7. My feet grew 1/2 a size with each baby. These are the kind of things that they don't tell you!

Since tomorrow is Friday Five, I'm going to break the rules and not tag anyone. If you want to play, let me know and I'll visit!


Pastor's Husband said...

I LOVE HEROES!!!It's so great to "know" someone else who's into this show! I thought the time travel episode a few weeks back was one of the coolest superhero visions EVER. Movie, comic, TV, EVER!!!! I can't wait to find out how Peter gets his scar!

I think that whatever happens, Sylar isn't really going to die and that next season, with everyone knowing each other and what each other is capable of, is going to be doubly as cool!

Also, did you catch that if the future goes off the "bad" way from a few weeks ago, that Sylar has killed the shape-shifting woman...

Great post!

Iris said...

PH, so glad to "know" another another fan of Heroes! I, too, am wondering how Peter got his scar. They haven't covered that in the online comic. Maybe he won't get one in the "good" future.

I wouldn't mind if the shape-shifter woman becomes a Sylar snack- she is so smug. But that would be bad if he got her power. I think she may be more of an illusion maker, than a shape-shifter based on what she did to Micah last episode. That's a dangerous power!

Okay, I am freaking myself out- I've never been so into a show before!

Thanks for stopping by, PH!

Pastor's Husband said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog Iris! I like to think I'm a force for good.

Say, that gets me thinking... What would your hero power be? Not, what one would you want... Although the answer to that question for me would be the shape shifter, illusion creator lady...

Rather, what would your hero power be if you were to wake up tomorrow and realize that it's there.

I think mine would have something to do with releasing people's tensions...

"I don't know how it happens. I just think about it and their tensions disappear..."

Something like that. How about you?

Iris said...

Well, the one I want is this: For years I have daydreamed about having the superpower of preventing or enabling people's ability to reproduce.

But my hero power, if I were to jyst wake up one morning and realize that it's there would be the ability, with just a touch or a word, to cure workaholism.

Someone suffering from this would experience after being around me the desire to shed all that crap that doesn't really matter, take their days off, have an increased desire to just be and not be so task oriented.

Could that have been any more stream of consciousness?

revhipchick said...

wow...this was a great post and i had already planned what i was going to say but this conversation between between you and PH totally distracted me! i think it's quite fascinating!

heroes sounds like a great show. i can hardly believe that we in this house have not been watching it--except for joel we're a bunch of superhero freaks. it must be on a bad night for us or something.

anywho! i totally crack up when you do a meme! i didn't move 20 times before i was 10 but i did move a lot--3 elementary schools, 1 jr. high, and 3 high schools--all because my mother was also a restless soul! i was diagnosed with sleep apnea a few years back and love how much better i sleep with the cpap--even if it is a pain in the neck (not literally)! it is also a bonus because the kiddos now wake up their dad in the middle of the night cuz i think it somehow weirds them out! and PH would be great superheroes--love your powers!

Di said...

Iris, maybe this is why I feel like we might be kindred spirits-- 13 schools by the time I graduated college (no idea how many actual residences). There's something about moving a lot that gives a person an unusual perspective. (Possibily also unusual skills and insecurities.)

Iris said...

Hipchick and Mrs. M, wow you both had to be the "new kid" at school so many times. I had too a fair number of times, which I think has made me a pretty adaptable person. However, I also have to fight the tendency to mentally "check-out" of a situation after a certain amount of time. My therapist pointed out to me last week that I always get anxious and restless around the month of April because, at least for the moves that we made that I can remember, we often moved in April. Oh, what a wise, wise "Siggy" I have!

Yeah, Hereos really is a good show. Hipchick, you can watch episodes at

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with Heroes, which I've never seen...Papa Bush spoke at my graduation (SMU 92, he was [unsuccesfully] running for reelection). The only thing I remember is that he expressed absolute certainty that ever graduate would have a great job, like, soon. Up and down my row we asked, "Do you have a job offer?" Nobody did...

Also, my family wore "Clinton for President" stickers to the ceremony...

Iris said...

Good for your family, Towanda!

Pastor's Husband said...

Hey Iris - Thanks for that cool quote on my blog!

I'm gonna miss Heroes this week because I'm working on a week long project that's going to take up ALL of my time. I'll try to sneak it in on, but you never know.

Thanks again for reading! I linked you!

Grace thing said...

Fun to get to know you a little bit, Iris. I appreciate your words about the young priest I mentioned on my blog. I think you're right...someone's going to have to speak up and be an advocate. Great post. And great comments from your readers.

Pastor's Husband said...

Hey Iris - Check out what I just read on

To stretch the normal 22-episode season of "Heroes," which faltered after its long hiatus this year, NBC will add "Heroes: Origins." The spinoff will introduce a new character each week, and viewers will select which one stays for the following season. The two series will have 30 new episodes combined.