Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Media

I'm hearing from my family scattered around the country and from some of you that this story has appeared in papers nationally. I haven't gone looking because I don't have the heart, but I'm guessing that what others around the country are reading is just a blurb about what happened. Thanks again for all of your wonderful support.

I've had to stop watching the television news here, at least for now, because I get sickened both by the awfulness of it all and by how our local stations are covering it. They show footage of overturned tricycles and get up close to the chain link fence, which gives the impression that the children were in some kind of hellish prison. It's as if they are trying to give the impression that anyone with half a brain would know that this was a horrible environment for children.

Damn sensationalized news coverage.


more cows than people said...

how frustrating. thanks for your perspective. and peace be with you, iris.

Anonymous said...


Di said...

It's amazing how we can crop and edit to create an entirely new "truth."

Let yourself be held by those who want to offer comfort.

PPB said...

It showed up today here, and was actually fairly factual. Just who what when where type of thing.

For what THAT's worth.

Hope things get better around your house.

Unknown said...

Iris, thinking of you.

Karen Sapio said...

I'm so sorry. I had an experience somewhat like this when, several years after I left one chuch, there was a horrible murder where one member was killed by her estranged husband. I'd known they had some problems, but hadn't even guessed at the depth of them. Of course the media had a field day--and each story had to make a BIG deal about how these two were "pillars" of their church. Well--not exactly. Sporadically active. Certainly vocal--but pillars? Not so much. But it made for a good story, didn't it?