Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Graduate Recognition

Does anyone know of a good litany or prayer for graduation recognition? If so, may I borrow? Pretty, pretty please? With proper credit given in our bulletin, of course!

I'm tired of the ones I've used before and my creative well is dry right now. Many of those that I have call for the graduates to say a part in the litany, which usually is a wonderful idea. However, this year we only have one high school graduate and she would mortified to be asked to speak all by herself.

If anyone can help me out, e-mail me.


PPB said...

There's one in the presby book of common worship, i think.

Iris said...

Thanks, PPB!

Di said...

I may have a few, actually. How soon do you need it?

Iris said...

Mrs. M, graduate reecognition is this Sunday. I'm too late with getting a litany in the bulletin now, so I need to come up with something that just I can say that will be meaningful.

I'm sure I'll come up with something appropriate, but if you have the time this week to e-mail some ideas, that would be great! growingiris@gmail.com