Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Deep Question for the Night....

How did My Pretty Pony Disney Princess
make it to the Idol finale over "my girl, Melinder?"
Huh, America?
I mean, really!?!


Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

No Kidding! It is just WRONG!

And thanks for your comments about my Jerry Falwell post. I had to grin about what I, and you, said about Tony Campolo. And I appreciate the same thing about the RevGals.

((((Iris)))) Continuing to pray for you, direction, wisdom, peace, the right place!

Alex said...

Oh no! I have to admit that I have not watched American Idol at all this season, but Jordyn is from AZ, so I've decided I like her. But I've never heard her sing, so I defer to your expert opinion...

Iris said...

She has a nice voice, and I really liked her at first, but as the contest went on her ego got bigger and bigger, IMO. And she does this little scrunched up face thing to pretend that she's crying when other contestants are voted off, but no tears. I'd rather her just look delighted that she got to the next round than pretend. It was *really* bad last night.

Melinda is originally from my city and she is just so super talented. Dang it all!

Man, isn't obvious that I've been in real need of diversion lately!