Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Five: Word Association

Below you will find five words. Tell us the first thing you think of on reading each one. Your response might be simply another word, or it might be a sentence, a poem or a story. (Yes, they're all from Job 38!)

whirlwind: tornado (I live in tornado alley)

foundation: Hymn #442 in the blue hymnal, "The church's one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord"

lightning: This word reminds me of the most frightened I have ever been in my life. My husband and I began our married life living in Colorado. Three weeks into our marriage, we went hiking up Bison Peak. About three-quarters of the way up the mountain, I noticed that the clouds were beginning to gather. I wondered if we should turn back, but my husband assured me that we could make it. I foolishly trusted him, because he was the more experienced hiker. We arrived at the summit and immediately the lightning began striking! I don't remember this, but my husband swears that I asked for a divorce!

den: I wish I had one that I could hide in sometimes!

prey: My feet have been my cat's prey lately!


Rev. Dana said...

Iris, I know OJ is random. I really like your blog desciption about being "grounded in love." My spiritual director that i had while in seminary told me that was a phrase i needed to embrace for myself.

Unknown said...

What a scary hiking experience! I've heard the thunder on my way down a mountain, coming through the trees, and that was awful, too.
On the den question, my mother used to lock herself in the half-bath with a book!