Monday, October 09, 2006

Job Description

The new Interim Pastor wants me to submit to her tomorrow a job description that reflects how I spend my 20 hours a week. I'm thinking:

Youth ministry: 20 hours
CE: 20 hours
Pastoral Care: 20 hours
Worship/Preaching: 20 hours
Whatever Else Comes Up: 20 hours

What do you think? Too sarcastic?

I just find it so hard to quantify what I do. This is probably a very good exercise for me. I know I should keep track of my hours each week, but everytime I think to do it I am unsure what I should count. Does the 45 minute conversation on the phone with Johnny's mom count? Do I count the hour online searching for that great youth ministry idea? Do I count the time I spend reading and writing blogs? :)

The great thing is that much of the time I am enjoying myself so much that I don't feel like I'm working. What a gift!


Pink Shoes said...

Yes! They all count! Especially the phone calls and the blog-reading.

I've always struggled with counting hours, too, and balk at it when pushed.

earthchick said...

Just found your blog (through RevGalBlogPals, where, though I am a female pastor, I'm not a member but I am a blog stalker). Love this post. I so relate. I think it is nearly ridiculous to try to quantify what we do, because almost everything could conceivably count. Am not sure what I would do if anyone ever asked me to write down how many hours I spend on ministry - but I like your idea!