Sunday, December 17, 2006

Preaching Sick

I'm running a fever; my throat hurts really bad; I'm aching all over and I've got the chills.

Yet, when I came to the pulpit, I didn't feel any pain and my voice was clear and strong.

I'll never never cease to be amazed when that happens! I felt upheld by the Spirit and I really didn't want to leave the pulpit. I did, though reluctantly!

At these times I am re-reminded that it's not about me. Thank God!


net said...

What an amazing God we serve!

1-4 Grace said...

God is amazing, but so sorry you too are sick. Are y'all passing somethign aroudn via our blog? If so, I dont want it!
Anyhow, hope you are doing better by now. blessigns on your recovery.
I had a guest blogger todya, so check it out as time allows. :)