Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh, How the Years Go By

I've seen this meme around the blogring the past few days and, since I can't think of anything else to write about, I'll give it a whirl.

Twenty years ago, I was:

  • in the 9th grade and captain of the cheerleading squad;
  • living with my family in the least populated state in our country;
  • being trained in Youth Evangelism Explosion;
  • feeling conflicted about what I was being taught in YEE;
  • very, very, very boycrazy!

Fifteen years ago, I was:

  • a Sophomore at a small, church-related university;
  • a Bible and Religion major;
  • sporting a very, very short hairstyle;
  • probably in the midst of final papers for the semester;
  • beginning to wonder if I would remain in my denomination;
  • still pretty boy crazy!

Ten years ago, I was:

  • living back in the state with more antelope than people;
  • serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer working with at-risk Junior High students;
  • paying the bills working part-time at Pizza Hut;
  • beginning to gather seminary applications;
  • a serial dater (still boy-crazy!)

Five years ago, I was:

  • living in the Mile High City with my husband of 3 years and our 1 year old son;
  • still boy crazy, but only for the two boys in my life;
  • newly graduated from seminary (well, 6 months earlier;)
  • working as an on-call chaplain in a local hospital;
  • preparing to move to another state to begin serving in my first call;
  • knowing in my heart of hearts that said first call wasn't the best match.

One year ago, I was:

  • enjoying the Advent season in our newly purchased home in city in the Bible Belt with husband of 7 years, 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter (now girl crazy, too!)
  • serving as part-time Associate in gift of grace from God congregation;
  • having fun writing two dialogue sermons with my beloved colleague for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day service. I didn't know it would be our last Christmas serving together;

Yesterday, I was:

  • cleaning the house like a mad woman because I just couldn't take it anymore!
  • helping my little girl get dressed up in her "pretty dress-up, dancing dress" to go to the choir concert of two of our high school youth;
  • planning Christmas Eve service;
  • reading the Television Without Pity forums on the TV show, Heroes, because I'm in serious withdrawl! January 22 until the next new show!
  • feeling restless, yet grateful.


Linda said...

Evangelism Explosion. Hmmm. Been there, done that. And the whole twist-the-arm evangelism thing was the beginning of my questions about the tradition of my youth.

Anonymous said...

20 years ago, I had 3 children and was 30 years old! You are just a baby!!!