Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Just In.....

It was announced this morning that there are going to be a round of layoffs across all departments, including one chaplain.

hmmmmm...... I wonder which chaplain that will be? Oh yeah, the one who just came on board fewer than four months ago, I'm sure. Although they tell me that nothing has been decided yet.

The three chaplain who remain will have crappy schedules and, of course, increased patient and bereavement caseloads on top of what already seems to be barely manageable. Two of the chaplains will have to cover the weekends.

I've been looking at unemployment benefits and it looks like I won't qualify because it's based on what you made the whole year prior, excluding the most recent quarter. Well, the most recent quarter I've been at the hospice making a pretty decent salary. Before, I was working part-time at the church making about $1200/month, not counting benefits.

Pray for me. I need a new call- pronto.


Rev Kim said...

Yes indeed, praying for you and for a new call. What about that church where you recently did pulpit supply, where the PNC chair encouraged you to submit your PIF when they are at that part of the process? Are they any closer?

Praying for the patients, as well. I did my cpc residency at a hospital that had a very large, very well-funded children's hospital attached. Where they had one chaplain for 300 kids & their families. Because of financial concerns. Ugh.


Iris said...

Thanks, Kim.

That church, in which I am still very, very much interested, just two weeks ago hired an interim and have not yet completed a mission study. So, they are not very far down the road. There are a couple of interim possibilities.

Magdalene6127 said...

(((Iris))) praying fervently for you and a new call, pronto.

more cows than people said...


praying for you.

how disappointing.

Towanda said...

prayers for you, friend.


Di said...

Definitely, you're in my prayers.

lutheranmom said...

praying for you