Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Thoughts After Holy Week

I'm easing back into blogging after a bit of a drought. Here's what is on my mind this Easter Monday...

  • The TV fast was so great! My kids and I did a bunch of craft projects, sang songs around the piano, read several books.
  • As a result, I've established a new "no TV on school days" rule.
  • My son countered with a "no blogging for Mama until kids are in bed" rule.
  • He's absolutely right!
  • Today I watched the American Idol episodes I taped during Holy Week. Poor Gina: she had to sing the sad Charlie Chaplin song for her sing-out. "Smile, though your heart is breaking." :( And I love Michael Buble, but I think he might have had a couple before he performed. Yikes!
  • I started taking Wellbutrin last week and it seems like it's helping with my concentration and energy.
  • Getting off of zoloft really sucks. I'm tapering it off like I'm supposed to, but I'm still feeling a bit nauseated and dizzy.
  • My husband is getting frustrated with me becasue I am so "blah" about every Church Information Form (CIF) I read. He is so ready for me to be working full-time because there is always more month than paycheck.
  • The interim pastor hasn't met a litany that she doesn't like. I'm getting really tired of having everything so dang scripted in worship.
  • Yes, I know my frustration is less about her and more about my restlessness and desire to be a solo pastor.
  • I'm having major guilt issues because leaving here would mean taking my son out of an amazing Spanish language immersion school. I've prayed that God would call me somewhere with a similar program, but is that trying to put conditions on God's call?


Unknown said...

Everything about Zoloft sucked, in my experience. I'm glad you're getting to try something new. Be patient with yourself until the transition of meds is complete, okay?

Unknown said...

I know what you mean about CIFs. I know I just want to see some tink spark of creativity from PNCs (you & I are so often on the same wavelength, Iris!) Blessings. The church where I am finishing up as an interim has a pretty good CIF and there are certainly Spanish-immersion programs here in Phoenix. Email me, if you'd like.

revhipchick said...

i don't think you are putting conditions on God's call at all. be gentle with yourself--God wants to hear it all, dontcha figure? the good, the bad, your desires?

good luck with the process of change. it's so stressful.

i hope the wellbutrin works for you. i am with songbird on the zoloft--ick!

much love and many hugs!

ps...we try to keep to the same no blogging/tv on school nights till the girls are in bed too. we don't always stick to it but it has made a huge difference for us!

Di said...

Hang in there. I can appreciate the jobhunting dilemna. Mr. M has been patient, but I tend to feel guilty about not having a permanent spot...

PPB said...

CIFs are really boring. You'd think there'd be a way around that.

Unknown said...

Iris, I think you were my 100,000th visitor, or the closest one I can identify, and I want to send you a little something. Would you e-mail me?

Pink Shoes said...

Thoughts and prayers for you!