Saturday, February 17, 2007

Square One

I've just told the PNC I spoke to on Tuesday night that I am not the one they are seeking. I feel very good about this decision. The kaleidoscope keeps turning and, for the time being, this piece of the mosaic is staying here.


Linda (FM) said...

I'm behind on things over here! I'm glad you feel good about the decision to tell the PNC no. I do know it can be hard to live with the blurriness of looking through a kaleidescope.

Alex said...

Thinking of you.

hipchickmamma said...


way to go! you've certainly had a heavy week!

you and yours are in my prayers.

cheesehead said...

As long as you feel it is right, then it is. Listen to the Spirit and wait for the right place.

Whistle said...

good for you!
We'll all be interested to see what happens next.

enjoy your blog.

St. Casserole, not her cat

Singing Owl said...

Yay for Iris! I'm glad the secretary is gone...and glad that, for now, you are not.

The colors keep turning. Meantime, enjoy the interval.