Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It Begins

The Pastor Nominating Committee of a church two time zones away wants to have a phone interview with me. This is the only church I've submitted my PIF to since I began sensing that it was time to move on. This area of the country was not even on my radar, but I liked reading their Church Information Form so much that I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

I have two competing desires right now; the desire to stay and the desire to go. I desire to stay here because I do still love my congregation and my family loves this city in the Bible Belt. My son is in a great school where he is in a Spanish language immersion program. I am very reluctant to take him out of that great opportunity. There are absolutely no PCUSA churches in this area (except mine) that are looking for a pastor right now. Even if a pastor decided to leave tomorrow, it would be a year or more before that church would be ready to call a pastor. I know in my heart that God is calling me to go sooner rather than later.

I have no idea if this church that wants to interview me is my call or someone else's. The only way to know is to talk with them, have some serious heart to heart talks with my husband and pray- a lot.


Linda said...

And I'm praying with you.

cheesehead said...

Prayers here, too,

Songbird said...

And here, Iris.

Alex said...


I tried to comment on this post yesterday but Blogger wouldn't let me... I'd love to talk with you. My PIF has also been making the rounds. I am praying!


Iris said...

Thanks for praying for me. I truly appreciate it!

E-mail me anytime! My address is on my profile page.

hipchickmamma said...

more prayers