Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Motor Mouth

I just rambled my way through an hour and a half phone interview with a PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee.) I think it went all right, but there were times when my mouth kept moving when my head was saying, "Okay, you can shut up now!"

Need sleep.


Songbird said...

I've never done a phone interview; it must be weird! Hope it went well.

Alex said...

Oh wow, I think phone interviews are the hardest part of the process. You don't get to see their faces and body language, so you don't know if they think you are rambling on or if they are hanging on every word. I'm sure you were amazing! They'll be calling back to move to the next step. Did you like them??

cheesehead said...

I did LOTS of phone interviews. Like, thirty. It is wierd.

Since our voice is all we have on these, we tend to use it to the fullest. I'm sure you didn't seem rambling to them.