Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I've Slept On It

This morning, my husband said to me, "I didn't say anything to you last night, but when you came out of our room after the phone interview, I could tell by your body language that you weren't very enthusiastic." He's right, I wasn't. Part of it was that I felt I rambled through the interview, but also I didn't feel that "spark" that I feel when I'm really clicking with people.

They seem like a wonderful congregation and it's in a beautiful location. I am concerned about several of the questions they asked me in the vein of "What are you going to do to attract new, younger members?" In my first call, I found out after I arrived that the underlying, unspoken expectation was that my mere presence as a, then 29 year old, young pastor was going to attract hoards of young families to the church. Of course, they weren't willing to make the changes necessary for that to happen and disillusionment set in.

I'm going to spend some more time in prayer.


Alex said...

I admire your honesty in discernment. It is so emotionally and spiritually expensive to go through this process. I so wanted you to fall in BIG LOVE!

Linda (FM) said...

I'm praying with you. Such important clues you're noticing.

cheesehead said...

What Alex and Linda said.

Iris said...

Thank you all!

Alex, I want to fall in BIG LOVE too. I won't go unless I do because I'm in pretty big love with my current congregation. I just can't be a part-time Associate forever.