Friday, January 16, 2009

It's the Little Things Sometimes...

I'm just in my second week in my new church. I'm sorry that I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately. Everything has been going very well- even preaching a very large funeral on my third day!

Two decisions have got me paralyzed right now. It's like my brain shuts down every time I try to think about them. They are:

1) What color to have my office painted and
2) What wireless carrier to go with, and then, which phone to choose. I guess that's 3 decisions!

We've had a "pay-as-you-go" plan for a few years, but now that I'm with a larger congregation as solo pastor, that would probably be more expensive in the long-run. So, I guess it's time for a big-girl cell phone plan. But, I go to the websites of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint...and get so confused. Do I need Bluetooth? A QWERTY keypad?

The truth is that I resent being asked to carry a cell phone at all. I know, it's how the world works now, but I still hate it.

I guess all phones have an "off" button, don't they?


Kurt M. Boemler said...

Make sure that they know that on your Sabbath, the phone is off.

That's how I roll. They know where to find me, but they have to work at it.

Consumer Reports ranks the providers best to worst as follows:
Altel (if you have it; they're small)

Unknown said...

They definitely have an "off" button. If you are being pressured to carry a phone by the church, will they pay for the plan?

Towanda said...

Glad things are going well.

Iris said...

Thanks! Stresspenguin, that it great info. We don't have altel here, I don't think. But my whole family in Colorado have Verizon, which would be a plus for free mobile to mobile calls.

SB, I have a very, very generous professional expense budget, from which I can pay for it.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

there ya go... catchin' on to the "off" button. if i'm out making visits the phone is off. period. and during worship duh!

happy week 2 to you! i recommend choosing a color that makes you feel serene...

Rev Kim said...

Yes, they do have an "off" button. And places where there isn't reception (I can use that one *alot* here in Wyoming!). I wonder along the same lines as you - don't they remember that there was a time before cell phones when the pastor couldn't be reached 24/7, and didn't they find a way through that?

And what color are you thinking for your office?

imngrace said...

So happy that things are going well. You have been in my prayers. May the transition continue to go smoothly.

One thing that I have done is kept my cell phone number to a very few people. It has helped tremendously. Not sure if that's an option for you, but it seems to be working for me.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your second (almost 3rd) week! hooray!

my cell phone barely works where i'm at now and often i end up leaving it at work. it's pretty rare that anyone from church tries to reach me through it unless i'm out of town.

free minutes to family is pretty great!

Rev SS said...

hey ... late catching up ... glad to hear it's going well ... and looking forward to hearing what you decided about cell phone ... I LOVE my Red, Slider.. and AT&T works really well here for me. As for giving my number out ... everyone has it and they don't abuse it ... and I do turn it off for pastoral care, meetings, & Sabbath.

Crimson Rambler said...

I sure do hear you on the cell phone thing. And I rejoice that you had a chance to do a big funeral early's a great advantage, I've found. Every blessing. (On the colour of your office, I can't help you!)