Saturday, October 11, 2008

It Gets Worse...

The teacher I wrote about earlier is not my son's primary teacher, but his class goes over to her classroom for math and science instruction. I have spoken to some others parents the past few days and we are piecing together some comments that our children have said to us lately about this teacher.

In addition to the "devil's birthday comment," I have also learned that this teacher:
  • has shown an "Adam and Eve" video to both classes,
  • took a child aside and asked her, "Do you love Jesus?"
  • would not let my son write "boo" on a picture he was drawing of some pumpkins,
  • AND asked her class (not my son's) to journal about where they will go when they die.

Houston, we have a BIG problem here.


Teri said...

this is the SCIENCE teacher and she's asking kids to write about where they go when they die? Oh Lord...definitely time for some intervention. wow.

Jules said...

Oh,man. Not good.

Will a call to the Principal be what is in order?

Sarah S-D said...

Lord, have mercy. In a public school??? WTF????

Rev SS said...

YIKES! ... this is scary. Prayers for you and other parents as you work to resolve this situation.

Towanda said...

oh NO. She has to go.

Anonymous said...

i'll definately say a prayer for you and the situation. wow.

good luck dealing with this situation.

my thoughts are with you.