Monday, June 02, 2008

On the eve of the final primaries...

I don't usually write about politics here, but I've got to tell ya, I am one weary Democrat. I know I'm not the only one. I was feeling quite hopeful and full of anticipation back in, say, February. Now, I just want it over already and pray, pray, pray that tomorrow will be the day when we can finally say that we have an official nominee.

I listen to a lot of NPR as I drive the 44 miles each way from my house to my church. Of course, today was full of talk about this past weekend with the rules committee and what tomorrow's primaries will hold. On the Diane Rehm show this morning, they spent quite a bit of time talking about the bitter disappointment of many Clinton supporters, especially "feminist" and "progressive" women, as it becomes more and more apparent that she will not be the nominee.

It's interesting to me how little attention has been paid to women who would also self-identify as "feminist" and "progressive" who are Obama supporters. It's also interesting to me how many RevGals I've noticed who are Obama supporters. I am one of them.

It seems to me that all we've seen in the media about female supporters of Obama is "Obama Girl." As much as I get a kick out of Obama Girl, I do not "have a crush on Obama." I actually think he's kind of dorky looking, but I believe that he's our best chance right now to have someone in the White House who in concerned about peacemaking and justice for all people.

*End of political commentary*


revhipchick said...

in addition to that there are a few of us (meaning me--not indicating you) that not all feminist/progressive women are fans of Clinton.

good point--i am an Obama supporter as well and it has nothing to do with a "crush" rather it has to do with hope for this country.

great post!

Rev SS said...

I too am an Obama supporter ... without a crush ...and with hope for the country!

A fellow Presbyterian pastor I was talking with at the Diana Butler Bass presentation this afternoon talked about the similarity between Obama's relevance to young people and postmodern culture, and the emergent church movement's attempt to also bring positive change! H.O.P.E. for the future. Blow Spirit/Wind, Blow!

Unknown said...

I'm with you.

imngrace said...

Here's another fan.

P.S. Really glad you are back and feeling better. I was concerned about you. You have been in my prayers.

Diane M. Roth said...

I'm also with you. and no crush here either.