Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Good Good-bye

It's 6:00 pm and I'm finally able to write about today, my last day at the wonderful church I've been serving for 4 years. I kept it together pretty well, but got a little teary in the middle of my sermon when I was challenging the congregation to not neglect the ministry right under their noses; namely the children and youth.

Afterwards they had a nice reception for me and, get this, they gave me the entire 12 volumes of the New Interpreter's Bible! I about fell over! I expected something like a gift certificate to Cokesbury, but this is just too much.

Lots of hugs and lots of saying, "I'll miss you, too." I meant it, I will miss them, but I also have a deep sense of peace today.

Three of the girls in the youth group asked me to go with them to see the Harry Potter movie. Man, is that a dark movie. I mean, in terms of lack of light. I nearly fell asleep a few times, but I still enjoyed it. But they really need to get on the stick about filming the final two movies before the actors have children of their own. I'm just sayin'.

I've been a part-time associate, which has been a real gift, but now I'm looking forward to having my evenings and weekends a little bit more free. Time will tell how I will like my new job, but I'm optimistic. I start full-time tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Blessings to you on this next step, Iris!

Teri said...

I'm glad you had a good day!

Over at my place it seemed to go pretty well today. No negative comments yet. I don't know if that's bad or if it means no one was listening or if it was just good! ;-)

You guessed right from my links--I am vegetarian! I know one presbyterian pastor who calls herself "pescetarian" because she eats fish but no other meat...that's as close as I can get on veggie presby pastor friends! but not anymore--now there's you too! :-)

Towanda said...

continue prayers for you in this transition, and thankfulness for the blessings.

All 12 volumes...I'm jealous! ;)

revhipchick said...

wonderful, what a lovely present!

congratulations and blessings on your new path!

Di said...

Holy Mackeral-- ALL 12 VOLUMES!!! Wow, what a thoughtful gift!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

What Songbird said. I'm SO glad it went well. :-)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

Hey hey - here's to blooming where God has replanted you to be!

Magdalene6127 said...

Thank you for sharing this Iris.... what a great gift! It will be a great blessing to you, I am sure.

And blessings in your new work. It sounds challenging and exhausting... you will be in my prayers.