Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Ice Storm

We've cancelled service tomorrow due to a bad ice storm that began yesterday and is going to continue for a couple of days. Right now, everything is calm and the kids are playing outside. It feels weird to not have anything to do on a Saturday afternoon!


Unknown said...

I've been there a couple of times, during major snowstorms. It's a very strange feeling! Try to enjoy the unanticipated break!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - church service cancelled - the weather must be very bad indeed! I know that must feel strange.

As I look at the weather on tv, the midwest looks to be very hard hit!

Iris said...

Thankfully it didn't hit as hard here as was first thought, at least not yet. But some neighboring towns got slammed with power outages.

Unknown said...

So what did you do during your morning off? I hope you had a relaxing time.

revhipchick said...

we didn't have church either! it was so lovely to sleep in! i'm just hoping that the girls actually go back to school tomorrow!

it's been very fun just sleeping in and hanging out for the past few days.

we've lucked out too--no power outages for us.

hope you are staying cozy!

Anonymous said...

enjoy it!
Oh, and you're okay without an email account---I didn't mean for you to feel pointed at! See, your blog allows us to post as "other" and hence the new blogger old blogger thing doesn't matter. It's the blogs that only allow "blogger" people to post and then don't have email addresses that are driving me nuts. Because, of course, blogger hates me.

Linda said...

We had church, but there weren't many there. It was actually kind of nice. Guest musician played the acoustic guitar and sang a lot. Marlin told a hilarious story. Lovely day.... I enjoyed watching the sleet/freezing rain fall outside the big window in front of the sanctuary.

Magdalene6127 said...

As a Wyoming gal, I imagine harsh winter weather barely makes you blink. While we were there we had a couple of mornings where it had snowed 8 or 9 inches overnight. No one blinks. Nothing is cancelled. Everyone carries on as usual!

I'm glad you had a "found" day. Those are the best.

Blessings, Mags