Thursday, November 30, 2006


Okay, you're gonna get a different Iris today than in my last post.
I handled yesterday's inconvenience with the mom-mobile okay and actually had some fun.

But last night, some shithead decided to bash-in the window of our other car! We had nothing to steal! A storm front moved in bringing with it sleet and ice and we're expected to receive several inches of snow today.

I guess the big difference between the two events is that with the car window someone deliberately did it. As much as I imagine that the mom-mobile has a grudge against me, it didn't break the ignition itself. I want one of those bumper stickers that say, "Mean People Suck!"

So, another $140 We may very well celebrate a "Buy Nothing Christmas!"


Linda said...

Yikes! That really sucks. This is not the day to have your car window broken. Hope it gets better....

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry.... :(

more cows than people said...

grr... i'm sorry too! if i had a "mean people suck" bumper sticker on hand i'd send it your way. check out cheesehead's blog for a funny post on a bumper sticker. peace to you.

revhipchick said...

terribly sorry.

i hope you ended up faring well with the storm. ours turned out better than expected.

sounds like you need a bumper sticker for the jerks who did it. may i suggest, "good thing jesus loves you because everyone else thinks you're an asshole"

hope it at least made you smile!(O)