Monday, July 28, 2008

Wanted: Miracle Worker

Position Description:

clean and organize my home while I am away on vacation next week.


  • have the ability to think exactly like me (in order to know what I would and would not throw out as well as to put things where I won't have to go searching for them later.)

  • be extremely non-judgemental.

One can can dream...


more cows than people said...

i've had that dream. it's a beautiful dream.

Crimson Rambler said...

position description for a janitor (I saw this somewhere): "must know dirt when he sees it..."

imngrace said...

I'm having that dream as I type because I am so tired of packing that I want to just ask the city to bring a dumpster for it all!

Hope your vacation is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I had that as a reality in my life for 14 years. She retired 5 weeks ago. My house is beginning to look rather piggish. I'm dreaming of a new one... because they ARE out there. Mine even dusted the light bulbs!!!!!!! Keep dreaming... and start the search!

Iris said...

WOW, PK! Persons such as this actually exist, you say? Well, hot damn!