Monday, July 14, 2008

New Gal in the Blogging Neighborhood

I have a friend who is just now sticking her cyber toe into the blogging waters! Since you need to have been blogging for at least three months to be admitted into the revgal ring, I thought I'd introduce her to my blogging buddies to get her started! (Man, I'm glad that rule wasn't in place yet when I joined. I'm certain that it would have discouraged me from beginning to blog, but I understand that several new bloggers joined about the same time I did and then petered out.)

She is blogging under the pseudonym of soonerpastor. Her name reflects where she comes from, not where she currently is serving. She's a lovely young woman, currently serving in her first ordained call and, just like I was nearly two years ago, is craving the supportive community that we enjoy.

Would you please help me welcome soonerpastor to the blogosphere?


Songbird said...

I'll head right over!

Sooner Pastor said...

Thanks Iris! I have really appreciated the jumpstart of support :) You are great!

Mrs. M said...

Thanks for the tip!

PS-- thinking of you lately, hope you're doing well.

Singing Owl said...

I'm thinking of you too. Everything okay?

And I'll go visit soonerpastor right now.