Friday, March 21, 2008

Quick Check-In

Going to interim training the week before Holy Week has made me way behind with no time to blog....rats!

But quickly...

  • interim training was good, but very intense. At times I felt like it would have been more efficient to have just sliced off the tops of our heads, ala Sylar from Heroes, and just dump the information into our brains! And plenary session after plenary session was too much for this introvert to take.
  • I met some fantastic people, including my great roomie and a woman who is serving on the Presbytery level for the first time. (*waves* at any new friends who may be lurking!) I sat at a table with a woman whose children's books on worship I have used extensively (think church mice.) So cool!
  • Interim training has made me realize just how much I don't want to be an interim right now and that I truly long to be in a called position.
  • I have been invited to fly out to a Western state in a few weeks to meet with a Pastor Nominating Committee and do a neutral pulpit.
  • We still haven't made any changes to the dining room walls.

I promise I will expound upon all this after we get on the other side of Easter. Have a blessed and meaningful Good Friday.


revhipchick said...

i can relate to the business even though mine is very different.

very cool that you've been invited out to a "neutral pulpit"--what is that? i'm ignorant since i'm umc.

what is the process for you to get a "called" position? i'm guess that means that it would be a long term position--correct?

Songbird said...

Iris, how great to be clear about what you want. Blessings on the visit West!

Singing Owl said...


more cows than people said...

yay for the upcoming neutral pulpit!

yay for clarity!

yay for new friends!

i hope interim training isn't too intense... i have very little energy for it now that i'm moving on.

Mrs. M said...

Very glad to see that you've checked in. I'll continue prayers on your behalf.

Rev SS said...

ohh .. good news. Look forward to hearing more about your trip west.

Grace thing said...

Whoah, that training sounds intense. and yes, like Songbird says, it's good to discover what you really want (even if it means not being where you are). Any chance you're coming to my western state?