Friday, March 07, 2008

Glad That's Behind Me...

Thank God Tuesday is behind me and now I can concentrate on other things in my life that have had to be back burnered, like Holy Week services and the two books I need to read before I go to interim pastor training on Monday.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers on Tuesday. It was rough. I was up front fielding questions for close to 40 minutes, I think. Well, it felt like 2 hours. I explained, I think fairly well, the reasoning behind our committee's decision to make our motion. I 'm not sure I didn't cross the line from explaining to "piling on," but I did the best I could.

I was prepared for some to speak against our motion. Heck, if I hadn't been serving on this committee and didn't know what I know, I'm sure I would have been speaking against it, too. So, I was ready for that. I also thought that I was prepared for the glares and head-shaking I would be subject to while I gave the report. However, I wasn't really ready. I tell you, this experience was ten times worse than all the times I have been examined on the floor of Presbytery put together!

But I got through it and our motion carried 2 to 1, which was good affirmation that the Presbytery trusts the committee. I hope and pray that people understood that we took no joy in what we did, but it was absolutely necessary and, truly, the most faithful and loving we could do for all involved.

That evening and the day after, I received numerous phone calls and e-mails from folks saying that I handled this painful and sensitive issue well. I haven't heard from those who disagree, but I'm sure I will eventually.

I may not be posting for about a week because I am heading to Austin for interim pastor training on Monday. Anyone else going to be there as well? I could be back to preach the next Sunday, but I decided I am going to take the whole week off. I really need it.


more cows than people said...


good for you. take the time.

wish we were doing this training together.

imngrace said...

So glad that the meeting went well. Andy yes, a well deserved week away will be good. Safe travels.

Grace thing said...

Lord have mercy. You've been through the ringer. Glad it's over. It sounds like you handled it well. I hope you have a better, stimulating and maybe even a little relaxing week. (at least compared to last week).

Towanda said...

Wow, that sounds rough. But it also sounds like it went about as well as can be expected. Take good care of you, you deserve it!

(p.s., are you having trouble with blogger today?)

Rev SS said...

Glad that's behind you too ... and that it went as well as something like that can go. Blessings on your Interim training week. Hope it's a good one.

Alex said...

Have fun in Austin! Please walk over to Changos and have a burrito.

revhipchick said...

i'm sure you were wonderful. i'm sorry you had such a difficult time.

enjoy yourself in Austin--there is supposedly a lot of great music, go check it out girlie!

blessings and peace