Sunday, February 17, 2008

A President's Day Meme

This is from Songbird. How better to honor President's Day?
Herewith, five Presidential questions.

1. Can you name the American Presidents we are honoring? Bonus: Any idea when their real birthdays are? (Don't look it up.)
Yes, Washington and Lincoln. I can't think of Washington's actual birthday, but Lincoln's was February 12- same as my Daddy.

2. Why do you suppose car sales are an important aspect of our President's Day observations in the U.S.? (Feel free to be whimsical.)
Well, it certainly would be one way of "honoring" our current President, by hanging around car salesmen and buying a Hummer.

3. Have you ever been President of a club or organization? How did that feel?
Yep. When I was a teenager, usually it was very exciting to be elected and then would kind of suck to have to do the job. Gratefully, since then I have not been President of anything.

4. If you could have dinner with any President of the United States no longer living, who would it be? Any particular questions you would like to ask? (Please feel free to substitute a nationally appropriate elected leader, such as a Prime Minister.)
hmmmmmm..... I guess Harry Truman because I would like to ask him about what he was thinking and feeling as he made the decision to drop the bombs on Japan.

5. On a more serious note, what are the qualities you hope for in our next President? (As above for those who live in other countries.)
I hope the President is honest, a peacemaker, inspires with hope rather than with fear, is able to mend ties abroad, but, above all, has wisdom. Also, I hope the President cares more about the country than getting re-elected.

ETA: Is anyone else having problems with the "spellcheck" and "add image" buttons on blogger?


Anonymous said...

It's good to have you posting again! Yessssss!

I have had several problems with the picture button... on the 2nd or 3rd upload. If I get out of explorer... and sign back on... it seems to go away (at least for a while.

Hope y'all are feeling better!

Songbird said...

I've heard others complain about spellcheck.

Isn't it funny how we can remember famous birthdays if they belong to those we love, too? My grandmother was a Columbus Day baby. Really upset her when they assigned it to a Monday instead!

Rev Kim said...

I like your #5. I hope that, too.

Rev SS said...

LOVE your answer to number 2! :).. and #5 is right on.

Crimson Rambler said...

Hello Iris! Have you read "Plain Speaking" by Merle Miller? It's a good biography of HST, and as I remember (it's a few years back now) Miller's take on how the A-bomb decision was made is very moving.

Iris said...

CR, I haven't read that. Thanks for the heads up.

revhipchick said...

i agree--i hope the next president does care more about the country than reelection! amen iris!

i'm such a goof--i never realized that blogger had spellcheck!