Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ten Things About Me

Alex tagged me for this meme. I think I may have done this one before, but I will try to think of some new things to share with you all about moi.

1. My left hand is bigger than my right hand, by quite a bit.

2. When I was a teenager, I boycotted Universal Studios for two years because of the movie The Last Temptation of Christ. I had never seen the picture, of course. This stand of mine prompted my mother to declare that I was "moral to a fault." Alas, she was right.

3. I later rented said movie in my early 20's and was ticked that I had given up seeing lots of good movies those couple of years over ....that.

4. I have never gone skinny dipping, but it is a desire of mine to do so before I die. Actually, I've thought about it as a reward for after I lose weight. I don't really want to skinny dip while I'm still fat.

5. I may have mentioned this on my blog before, but in 1996 I ran into George Clooney in Bratislava, Slovakia. I had accidentally wandered onto the set where they were filming The Peacemaker. George just kind of smirked at me and I got the heck out of there! I haven't seen the movie. Is it any good?

6. I went to church by myself for most of my adolescence.

7. I used to love to go cliff diving. Now, not so much.

8. I never dreamed of being a mother. My husband and I had lots of conversations prior to getting married about not being parents because I wanted it to be crystal clear that I didn't think that motherhood was in my future. You may not believe this, but after I said, "I do," I began to have the desire to be a mother.

9. I've been a vegetarian for about 8 years.

10. I'll share with you why I use the pseudonym "Iris." When I was about 3 years old, I used to tell people that my name was Iris. My parents don't know where I heard the name, but I guess I fell in love with it and wanted it to be my name. My mom also tells me that I would answer "Iris" when asked, "What is your name?" However, I would answer with my real name whenever I was asked "Who are you?" So, I knew who I was. But my name was Iris.

I tag PK, LutheranMom, and tngirl


Magdalene6127 said...

Iris, I loved this. Especially, about your name! (Oh, and being "moral to a fault." Excellent.)

When I was about 4 I would only answer to Ophelia for a time. Alas, not because of the influence of Shakespeare, but because of the influence of the Addams Family.


Amy said...

I almost named my daughter "Iris" but she's a winter baby and it didn't feel quite right. But she LOVES Irises. SHe says they are sticking their tongue out at her.

And, when I saw last temptation in high school, I really liked it, even though is was so naughty of me to have watched it. I still think about that movie. And, I just loved the soundtrack (thank you Peter Gabriel)

tngirl said...

I love the skinny dipping 'motivation' for weight loss. Maybe I'll use that, too . . .

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

i'm guessing perhaps that not many women can say George Clooney smirked at them and they have never skinny dipped... all in the same conversation. (hee hee)

Grace thing said...

Love the bit about your name being Iris...and I'm glad the phone interview went well. Keep us posted...btw- the "call" info you gave me is SOOOOO helpful. thank you!

Wyldth1ng said...

I think you may be entering the silly pastor column in my book, just to let you know.

(Silly = Funny, or Ha Ha)

Iris said...

Thanks, Wyld! I'll take tah as a mark of distinction!